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Software engineer from Schenectady, NY.


I recently started working on a JavaServer Faces (JSF) project.  I started with the reference implementation (Mojarra, I think it’s called).  I decided I wanted to try a toolkit with more robust components.  After some investigation, I settled on PrimeFaces (http://www.primefaces.org).

Development on this project is very active and the support forums also have a lot of activity.  I had a number of questions that were responded to very quickly.

If you haven’t tried it out, give it a look.  They have a demo of the components on the web site.

RT America

Looking for a different media perspective?  Check out RT America clips here .  Check out RT on your local cable system or the YouTube channel linked from that page.

Memorial Day weekend is here!

Got the JetSki all ready to go.  Serviced the trailer bearings.  I had never packed bearings with grease before.  After watching a few YouTube videos, I gave it a shot.  It was pretty easy, actually.  You can see when the bearing is full of grease, so it wasn’t a big deal to do.  I recommend having hand cleaner on standby.

Gave the JetSki the 25-hour service and got out on the water around 6pm for an hour.  The water was freezing!  I made a point not to fall off (it’s a stand-up JetSki).

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Switched to Xfce

GNOME3 apparently will not work with multiple X servers, so I dumped it and switched to Xfce which is decent.  I now have my LCD TV as a secondary monitor.  Everything is working good.

Upgraded to Fedora 16

I just upgraded my Fedora 14 box to Fedora 16.   The biggest change was GNOME.  I really hated it when I tried the Fedora 15 Live CD, but I figured I’d give it a shot.   It’s not so bad, sort of an OSX mixed with ios interface. I don’t really see the point though. GNOME2 was so much better.

I had to switch back to VMware player 4.0.2 as 4.0.3 had issues and the available patch only works with 4.0.2.

Finally got Apache + Subversion + SSPI NTLM authentication working!

I messed around with trying to get NTLM authentication working via SASL using svnserve, but it doesn’t appear anyone has figured that out or maybe it was broken at some point.

I was trying to avoid using HTTP for SVN to avoid traffic overhead, but it appears I had no choice.  I installed all the separate pieces (Apache, Subversion, and mod_auth_sspi) instead of downloading one of the many prepackaged setups (VisualSVN, überSVN, etc.).

It went pretty smoothly referencing a web page I found. I hit a snag where it worked in the browser, but not with TortoiseSVN or the Subversion command-line client.  Once I enabled Basic authentication, that problem was solved.

Next up, installing ViewVC!